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The Motor Bike Hotels are Europe's first hotel group with the special service which motorbike tourists want. It's not only all hoteliers of the independent Motor Bike Group who ride motorbikes themselves, also many of their employees actively travel with the bike. So they all know what the point is. Each one gladly contributes to making your motorbike trip a complete success. All Motor Bike Hotels offer an upscale hotel comfort, a diverse cuisine and are in the most beautiful motorbike regions in Europe.


We will offer you a loyalty card upon check-out entitling you to a 5% discount on your next stay with one of the participating MOTORBIKE HOTELS. After each stay in one of our hotels we add 1%. So after your stay you get 6% discount ... this to 10% maximum. Many loyal customers already have the maximum 10% discount on each stay. This is also within your reach. How to get 10% faster?



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Europe's first hotel group with the special service for motorcyclists is LOOKING FOR REINFORCEMENT. We want to grow - but sustainably. Therefore we are looking for partners in Europe from regions where we are not represented yet. You have a recommendation for a new hotel that could fit in with our group?

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Our idea is growing and we are looking for more motorcycle partner hotels all over Europe that share our philosophy of vacationing with friends. If you want to ride our chosen route out of conviction, you are very welcome.

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The route planning tool offers countless route options free of charge, with which you can plan a winding journey to and from the MBHi partner companies of the Motor Bike Hotel Group:

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